Urban Dictionary


I learnt a lot of new words teaching in Tottenham. 

The following is a list of the most, er, memorable.

Some of them might be useful if you have to bluster your way out of a tight spot. 

There are a lot of insults you might want to experiment with (tread carefully; perhaps start with the Ns).

And if you end up working with children in Tottenham, at least you’ll know what you’re being called.

Obviously its very sweary, sexually explicit, violent, and so on.  But just as Eskimos have many words for snow, so the boys have many words for stealing, having sex, violence, and so on...


Agro - n. aggravation or hassle, e.g. threats of violence.

Allow - forget about it, leave it be.  ‘Allow it, man’.

Arsed - v. bothered e.g. ‘I can’t be arsed’.

Allih - I agree. Origin: sounds like ‘Do I lie?’


Bait - a. obvious.

Bait it out - v. to make something obvious.

Bag - n. one thousand pounds.

Bang - v. to have sex with.

Bang drop - v. to punch someone who then drops as a result of the punch.

Bare -  a. lots or very.

Batty boy - n. male homosexual.

Beat that - (1) v. to have sex with (“that” being a female) (2) v. to masturbate.

Beef - (1) n. an angry disagreement, often involving a fight. (2) v. (beefing) making an issue of something.

Bill - n. twenty pounds

Big man t’ing - a phrase meaning ‘seriously’; requesting a mature attitude or referring to an adult issue.

Bitches - women or girls (derogatory).

Blatant - a. obvious.

Blessed - a. good, nice, enjoyable

Blud - n. friend, as in ‘blood’ brother.

Bludclart - a. something negative. Origin: Jamaican phrase for a cloth used to clean female menstruation, hence ‘blood cloth’.

Boarer - n. knife. Origin: a knife ‘bores’ holes.

Bombaclart - a. something negative, an insult. Origin: Jamaican term for underpants, as bomba means bottom.

Boyed - a. humiliated

Brassic - a. skint, i.e. lacking money. Origin: Cockney rhyming slang. Flint, aka, skint.

Bredren - n. brothers.

Bum chum - n. male homosexual.

Bump - n. an unwelcome event or requirement.

But’ers - ugly. Origin: whilst from behind a person might be attractive, their face is not, i.e. ‘fit from behind “but her” face is ...’, hence: but’ers.

Bus’ out - v. to leave.

Bus’ a shit - v. defecate. Origin: the phrase ‘bust a move’.


Caught slipping - found unaccompanied outside your own area by other young people, often resulting in a beating or mugging.

Chapes - v. to kiss.

Chattin’ shit - (1) a. talking rubbish (2) a. making false accusations (3) a. arguing aggressively.

Chirps - kiss or flirt with.

Clap - v. a slap, generally on the back of the head.  Origin: the sound produced by a hand-clap against a head.

Clocked - v. understood.

Cracker - n. a sour white person. Origin: crackers are white and salty.

Crep - n. trainers.

Crib - n. home.

Cuss - v. to insult.

Cuzzie - n. friend (i.e. cousin). Derivatives: Cuz.


Dead - a. boring.

Dis - v. to insult.

Do ma ting - ‘do my thing’. Often refers to a criminal lifestyle, but it can also mean to not bother other people and get on with life.

Don’t bait it - a phrase intending to convey humility, often said after correctly answering a question or winning a contest. ‘Don’t make too much of this.’

Dunno - ‘I don’t know’.

Drop - v. fall over.


Endz - n. an area, usually a single postcode such as N17.

Extra - a. beyond reasonable requirements.  Students would often describe teachers as ‘extra’ for setting academic work.


Fam - friend. Origin: the word family.

Fed - n. police. Origin: the American FBI.

Fit - a. attractive.

Flop - a. failure.

Fuckry - n. an extremely unfair state of affairs. Origin: derives from ‘fuck’.

Fresh - (1) a. smart (2) v. sexual approach, i.e. ‘getting fresh’.


Gee - a. a good person.

Gassed - a. a person talking rubbish.

Ginnels - v. to steal.

Getting fresh - a. a sexual encounter.

Got dem on smash - sorted out.

Grass - n. a snitch, or informer. v. to snitch or inform an authority of a misdemeanour in breach of a confidence.


Hard - a. tough.

Hench - a. muscular, large and intimidating.

Homie - n. friend.

Hoodrat - n. a person wearing a jumper with a hood, usually a gang member.  (derogatory).

Hype - a. crazy.


Innit - ‘isn’t it?’

Izzit - ‘is it?’


Jack - v. to steal.

Jam - v. to wait.


Kotch - relax or stop in a place.


Lean - a. under the influence of drugs; ‘high’; especially after smoking cannabis or skunk.

Long - a. usually used in the phrase “that’s long”; used to express disapproval or unhappiness.


Madness - a. something not sensible, usually a fight or mugging. (‘there was a madness earlier’).

Man - n. person, usually male but not necessarily.

Mandem - n. a group of men.

Manor - n. a home.

Man’s in lesson innit? - phrase used to signal to a caller that the student receiving the call is unavailable.

Moist - a. soft, not intimidating.

Moved to - v. to be attacked or beaten up.

Muggage - a. something that happens to a mug.  ‘His offer was some muggage’ means the offer was an attempt to take advantage, to treat the other person as a ‘mug’.

My man - a. a reference to someone you intend to do something nasty to.


Narr - ‘no’, pronounced by elongating the ‘ar’ sound.

Nerk - n. a nerd.

Nicked - (1) v. arrested (2) v. stolen.

Nonce - n. an idiot.

Nique - n. a nerd.


On your ones - a. alone.

On it - a. keen, enjoying it.

On road - v. on the street, stealing, dealing drugs and getting into mischief


Peak - a. an negative state of affairs.

Political - (1) a. liable to cause confrontation (2) a. unfair.

Pure - a. many.

Q, R

Rassclart - negative thing or insult. Origin: Jamaican term for a cloth covering a bottom or ‘rass’.

Real talk - ‘seriously’.

Rude boy - n. streetwise gang member.

Rush - v. beat up a individual when in a group.


Safe - a. congenial, friendly. E.g. ‘he’s safe’ means ‘he’s a good guy’.

Shook - a. scared.

Sick - a. good.

Snap - ‘oh snap’ means ‘oh I see’.

Snitch - n. a person who has informed the authorities of a misdemeanour in breach of a confidence. - v. informing an authority of a misdemeanour in breach of a confidence.

Snake - v. to steal. n. a thief.

Snuff - n. punch very hard. Origin: to ‘snuff out’.

Soggy - a. soft, not aggressive.

Spark out - v. to knock unconscious.

Spit - v. rap.

Strap - n. gun.

Still - a placeholder similar to ‘you know’ or ‘yeah’. It usually conveys an feeling of surprise (e.g. ‘maths was good, still!’).

Stuck it on you - v. criticised effectively, such that there was no plausible response.

Swag - (1) a. having swagger, looking cool. (2) n. possessions, usually as a result of a theft.

Swear down - a phrase to affirm a statement. E.g. I’m telling the truth, swear down. Very similar to the phrase ‘I swear’.


Tense - a. unfortunate.

Tap - v. to have sex.

Trying it - v. attempting to get the upper hand, either through trickery or a direct challenge.

U, V, W

Waguwan - hello.  Origin: ‘what’s going on’ in a Jamaican accent.

Wasteman - n. a person who is disliked.  Literally, a ‘waste’ of a man.

Wetting - v. stabbing. E.g. ‘wet him up’, referring to the slipping of blood.

What ya saying? - a greeting.

Wifey - n. wife. Often used as a shorthand for a long-term girlfriend.

X, Y

Yard - n. home.

You get me - ‘you understand?’

Young t’ugs - n. young thugs.

Yute - n. a youth


Zang - v. to steal.

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