Tom Ogg



                                                        My educational research

                                                        My masters’ degree research was about the impact of

                                                        attending either a state funded school or a privately

                                                        funded school upon performance in final examinations at

                                                        Oxford University. 

                                                        A version of the paper was published in the

                                                        British Journal of Educational Research .  The

                                                        research was cited by the Universities Minister, David

                                                        Willets MP, in a speech on universities and social

                                                        mobility, and subsequently debated in Parliament.  I

                                                        summarised the paper’s findings here.

                                                        I wrote a policy paper for Civitas about the growth of the

                                                        use of alternative provision and ‘unofficial’ forms of exclusion for students who would otherwise have been permanently excluded from mainstream schools.  The paper’s recommendations matched those proposed for a trial by the Coalition government in

their education white paper

Other stuff

I play a lot of football, including for the #fatdads football team.  Check out my brother’s orchestra,  Sinfonia D’Amici.

About me

I am a barrister at 11KBW specialising in commercial,

employment and public law: more details here.  I often write

for the 11KBW education blog and I am likely to be found

in an employment tribunal or High Court hearing near you.

My book, Boxing Clever (Amazon), was released in

2012 by the Westminster think-tank Civitas

The Daily Mail published a digest of the book which is 

available hereBoxing Clever is about my time teaching

teenagers who had been expelled from mainstream schools

at the London Boxing Academy Community Project

(LBACP) in Tottenham, North London. 

The founder of the LBACP and hero of the book,

Chris Hall, now runs a very similar project called Footsteps

I taught literacy at Footsteps for a year, and recommend

anyone interested in exclusion or helping excluded young

people to consider contacting Chris.

I am chair of governors at the East London Science School, which opened in September 2013 and is run by David Perks.  David ran the debating society at my sixth form, Graveney School, and set up the Debating Matters Competition (in which I am an occasional judge). 

Whilst training to become a barrister, I set up what is now the City / Matrix School Exclusions Unit with Sarah Hannett.  I was also part of the campaign group for Sam Hallam, who was released in 2012 after being found by the Court of Appeal to have been the victim of a serious

miscarriage of justice.